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[ uh-mend ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to alter, modify, rephrase, or add to or subtract from (a motion, bill, constitution, etc.) by formal procedure:

    Congress may amend the proposed tax bill.

  2. to change for the better; improve:

    to amend one's ways.

  3. to remove or correct faults in; rectify.

    Synonyms: remedy, better, ameliorate, correct

    Antonyms: worsen

verb (used without object)

  1. to grow or become better by reforming oneself:

    He amends day by day.


/ əˈmɛnd /


  1. to improve; change for the better
  2. to remove faults from; correct
  3. to alter or revise (legislation, a constitution, etc) by formal procedure

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Derived Forms

  • aˈmender, noun
  • aˈmendable, adjective

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Other Words From

  • a·mend·a·ble adjective
  • a·mend·er noun
  • non·a·mend·a·ble adjective
  • re·a·mend verb
  • un·a·mend·a·ble adjective
  • un·a·mend·ing adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of amend1

First recorded in 1175–1225; Middle English amenden, from Old French amender, from Latin ēmendāre “to correct,” equivalent to ē- “out of, from” + mend(a) “blemish” + -āre infinitive suffix; e- 1

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Word History and Origins

Origin of amend1

C13: from Old French amender, from Latin ēmendāre to emend

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Synonym Study

Amend, emend both mean to improve by correcting or by freeing from error. Amend is the general term, used of any such correction in detail: to amend spelling, punctuation, grammar. Emend usually applies to the correction of a text in the process of editing or preparing for publication; it implies improvement in the sense of greater accuracy: He emended the text of the play by restoring the original reading.

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Example Sentences

Since then, Voice of San Diego has discovered that Barrios did not disclose income he earned before starting his City Hall job, forcing him to amend an economic interest disclosure, and did not disclose his overlapping public- and private-sector pay.

The amended bill would ease the penalties for officers convicted of misconduct in a state where police discipline is secret.

The next month, the minimal requirements for manufacturing the polio vaccine were amended and continued to be updated as the science advanced.

From Ozy

The bill would amend Section 230 to give larger platforms just 24 hours to remove content determined by a court to be unlawful.

The company in its amended filing noted that it has finally determined that Alexander Moore, Spencer Rascoff and Alexandra Schiff, who were recently hired as new independent directors of the company, are in fact independent.

Anger about Citizens United has spurred a movement to amend the Constitution to reverse the opinion.

As a result, Perry said the group is currently looking into whether to amend its FEC report to make that clear.

However, Denham has said he will still try to amend the bill on the floor of the House.

Were they to amend their posture, they would only be further isolating themselves.

Well, let me slightly amend that: With this Supreme Court, you never know about the future.

The Federal Reserve Board reserves the right to add to, alter, or amend these regulations.

In order to pass a law, nine states had to agree in its favor; in order to amend the Articles, all thirteen states had to agree.

I doubt it, sire, and I advise you to send away this libertine St. Luc, who is resolved not to amend.

An important bill was passed, entitled "An act to amend the act for the abolition of slavery."

When it was over, poor Russell seemed to amend, and the removal of the perpetual pain gave him relief.


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