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verb (used with object), a·merced, a·merc·ing.
  1. to punish by imposing a fine not fixed by statute.
  2. to punish by inflicting any discretionary or arbitrary penalty.
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Origin of amerce

1250–1300; Middle English amercy < Anglo-French amerci(er) to fine, representing (estre) a merci (to be) at (someone's) mercy. See a-5, mercy
Related formsa·merce·a·ble, adjectivea·merce·ment, nouna·merc·er, nounun·a·merce·a·ble, adjectiveun·a·merced, adjective
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Historical Examples

  • But perhaps I could pay you a mina of silver: in that sum, then, I amerce myself.

    Apology, Crito, and Phaedo of Socrates


  • In your greatness ye shall change it; with your justice ye shall purify it; with your clemencies ye should it chasten and amerce.

    Privy Seal

    Ford Madox Ford

  • Nay, but they will hold thee to ransom, and detain thee till it is brought: I heard them amerce thee at a thousand marks.

  • I amerce myself, then, to you in that sum; and they will be sufficient sureties for the money.

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verb (tr) obsolete
  1. law to punish by a fine
  2. to punish with any arbitrary penalty
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Derived Formsamerceable, adjectiveamercement, nounamercer, noun

Word Origin

C14: from Anglo-French amercier, from Old French à merci at the mercy (because the fine was arbitrarily fixed); see mercy
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Word Origin and History for amerce


1215, earlier amercy, Anglo-French amercier "to fine," from merci "mercy, grace" (see mercy). The legal phrase estre a merci "to be at the mercy of" (a tribunal, etc.) was corrupted to estre amercié in an example of how a legalese adverbial phrase can become a verb (cf. abandon). The sense often was "to fine arbitrarily."

Frans hom ne seit amerciez pour petit forfet. [Magna Charta]

Related: Amercement; amerciable.

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