American Civil War


  1. the war in the U.S. between the North and the South, 1861–65.

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Example Sentences

The first American Civil War is never referenced on the page, but the parallels in El Akkad’s fictional second Civil War are everywhere, familiar historical rifts rearing up to highlight a uniquely American struggle.

Many of us have tired of the blizzard of histories marking the sesquicentennial of the first years of the American Civil War.

Some 7,000 Confederates set sail for Brazil in the aftermath of the American Civil War, settling in a city called Americana.

At his side, volunteering to help the wounded, is the poet laureate of the American Civil War himself, Walt Whitman.

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day, honoring and mourning the soldiers who died in the American Civil War.

Similar futilities we have seen ventilated over the American Civil War.

In the American Civil War, for instance, only about sixty years ago, the battleships were made of wood.

Naval operations in the American Civil War were particularly distinguished by the active building of iron-clads.

The American Civil War showed the power of rifles behind slight defences.

Never again was there serious governmental consideration of meddling in the American Civil War.





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