aminobenzoic acid

[ uh-mee-noh-ben-zoh-ik, am-uh-noh-, uh-mee-noh-, am-uh-noh- ]

  1. any of three isomers having the formula C7H7NO2, derived from benzoic acid, especially the para isomer, para-aminobenzoic acid.

Origin of aminobenzoic acid

First recorded in 1900–05; amino- + benzoic acid

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British Dictionary definitions for aminobenzoic acid

aminobenzoic acid

/ (əˌmaɪnəʊbɛnˈzəʊɪk, -ˌmiː-) /

  1. a derivative of benzoic acid existing in three isomeric forms, the para- form being used in the manufacture of dyes and sunburn preventatives. Formula: NH 2 C 6 H 4 COOH

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Scientific definitions for aminobenzoic acid

aminobenzoic acid

[ ə-mē′nō-bĕn-zōĭk, ăm′ə- ]

  1. Any of three organic acids consisting of benzoic acid with an amino group (NH2) attached, especially PABA. Chemical formula: C7H7NO2.

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