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/ əˈmɪə /


  1. a variant spelling of emir
  2. (formerly) the ruler of Afghanistan; ameer

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Derived Forms

  • aˈmirate, noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of amir1

C19: from Arabic, variant of emir

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Example Sentences

Amir moves from a swaggering hotshot who seems to know it all to a broken man now questioning everything.

A pivotal moment comes when Amir admits he felt more than a flicker of pride when fanatics attacked the Twin Towers.

Ani Amir Amreeka fi Sinjar,” said their father proudly, laughing, which translates as, “I am the prince of America in Sinjar.

The second siege, chronicled vividly by the poet Amir Khusro, was ferocious.

One inmate that does is Ali Amir (Maadi), otherwise referred to as “471.”

One of the newly-installed Amir's first acts was to inform the Viceroy of his return to Kabul, and of the recovery of his kingdom.

The Amir at the time vouchsafed no reply whatever to these proposals or to the invitation to come to Delhi.

Vitkievitch's reception was proportionately discouraging, and for some weeks he could not obtain an interview with the Amir.

Abdur Rahman, in his friendly but guarded reply,5 expressed in general terms his hope of being recognized as Amir.

His first appointment was that of physician to the amir, who owed him his recovery from a dangerous illness .