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[uh-moh-ley; Spanish ah-maw-le]
noun, plural a·mo·les [uh-moh-leyz; Spanish ah-maw-les] /əˈmoʊ leɪz; Spanish ɑˈmɔ lɛs/. Southwestern U.S.
  1. the root of any of several plants, as Mexican species of agaves, used as a substitute for soap.
  2. any such plant itself.
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Origin of amole

< Mexican Spanish < Nahuatl ahmōlli soap
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Examples from the Web for amole

Historical Examples of amole

  • In the meantime eight or ten men have gathered the amole and soke.

    Unknown Mexico, Volume 1 (of 2)

    Carl Lumholtz

  • The "soap-plant" (amole) is one which appears to be among the most serviceable.

  • Their food is amole, bellota and pinole and their chiefs are called Mule and Yuma.

  • It was not long before Donald spied an amole, and having found one, discovered many others growing near.

    Her Father's Daughter

    Gene Stratton-Porter

  • Just where the desert began to climb the mountain Linda had for a long time watched a big bed of amole.

    Her Father's Daughter

    Gene Stratton-Porter

Word Origin and History for amole


1831, from Mexican Spanish amole, from Nahuatl (Aztec) amolli "soap-root."

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