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  1. lacking definite form; having no specific shape; formless: the amorphous clouds.
  2. of no particular kind or character; indeterminate; having no pattern or structure; unorganized: an amorphous style; an amorphous personality.
  3. Petrography, Mineralogy. occurring in a mass, as without stratification or crystalline structure.
  4. Chemistry. not crystalline.
  5. Biology. having structural components that are not clearly differentiated, as the nuclear material in certain bacteria.

Origin of amorphous

First recorded in 1725–35, amorphous is from the Greek word ámorphos shapeless. See a-6, -morph, -ous
Related formsa·mor·phous·ly, adverba·mor·phous·ness, noun

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  1. lacking a definite shape; formless
  2. of no recognizable character or type
  3. (of chemicals, rocks, etc) not having a crystalline structure
Derived Formsamorphism, nounamorphously, adverbamorphousness, noun

Word Origin for amorphous

C18: from New Latin, from Greek amorphos shapeless, from a- 1 + morphē shape
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Word Origin and History for amorphous

"shapeless," 1731, from Modern Latin amorphus, from Greek amorphos "without form, shapeless, deformed," from a- "without" (see a- (3)) + morphe "form" (see Morpheus). Related: Amorphously; amorphousness.

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amorphous in Medicine


  1. Lacking definite form; shapeless.
  2. Lacking organization; formless.
  3. Lacking distinct crystalline structure.
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amorphous in Science


  1. Not made of crystals. Glass, amber, and plastics are amorphous substances.
  2. Lacking definite form or shape.
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