[ am-fuhs-bee-nuh ]

noun,plural am·phis·bae·nae [am-fuhs-bee-nee], /ˌæm fəsˈbi ni/, am·phis·bae·nas.
  1. any of numerous worm lizards of the genus Amphisbaena.

  2. Classical Mythology. a serpent having a head at each end of its body and the ability to move forward or backward.

Origin of amphisbaena

1350–1400; Middle English amphibena<New Latin, Latin <Greek amphísbaina a serpent that moves forward or backward, equivalent to amphís both ways + baín(ein) to go + -a noun suffix

Other words from amphisbaena

  • am·phis·bae·ni·an, am·phis·bae·nic, am·phis·bae·noid, am·phis·bae·nous, adjective

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How to use amphisbaena in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for amphisbaena


/ (ˌæmfɪsˈbiːnə) /

nounplural -nae (-niː) or -nas
  1. any worm lizard of the genus Amphisbaena

  2. classical myth a poisonous serpent having a head at each end and able to move forwards or backwards

Origin of amphisbaena

C16: via Latin from Greek amphisbaina, from amphis both ways + bainein to go

Derived forms of amphisbaena

  • amphisbaenic, adjective

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