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or am·phi·the·a·tre

[ am-fuh-thee-uh-ter, -theeuh-ter, am-puh- ]


  1. an open-air, oval or round building with tiers of seats around a central open area, as those used in ancient Rome for gladiatorial contests.
  2. any similar indoor or outdoor place for public contests, games, performances, exhibitions, etc.; an arena, stadium, or auditorium.
  3. a room having tiers of seats arranged around a central area, in which students and other observers can view surgery, hear lectures, etc.
  4. British.
    1. the first section of seats in the gallery of a theater.
    2. a designated section of seats in any part of a theater.
  5. a level area of oval or circular shape surrounded by rising ground.

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Other Words From

  • am·phi·the·at·ric [am-f, uh, -thee-, a, -trik], am·phi·the·at·ri·cal adjective
  • am·phi·the·at·ri·cal·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of amphitheater1

First recorded in 1540–50; from Latin amphitheātrum, from Greek amphithéātron; amphi-, theater

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Example Sentences

The eponymous Smith Falls, in the far north of the state, are the highest of the lot, dropping 70 feet over an amphitheater of rock.

The lawn was staked out in a grid of little numbered flags, and throughout the covered expanse of the amphitheater, “pods” of up to eight guests were separated by six feet and alternating dead rows.

It’s a gorgeous piece, thoughtfully composed in-line with a dry waterfall in a shallow amphitheater.

A semicircular columbarium was built in a natural amphitheater.

I caught one of two afternoon performances on Tuesday in Crystal City, where the truck had pulled into the cul-de-sac behind the Courtyard Green, employing the plaza of the National Cooperative Bank building as an ersatz amphitheater.

He roomed there with another kid, a goalie and all they did was walk to the old Amphitheater for practice and back again.

The place chosen to camp was a natural amphitheater which ran back into the mountains.

A broad terrace ran around the amphitheater at the height of the topmost row of seats.

After the amphitheater was devised the circus came to be used for races exclusively and the spna became permanent.

In the circus, too, combats of gladiators sometimes took place, but these were more frequently in the amphitheater.

The temple was built like a gigantic amphitheater, like some large bowl in which athletic contests were held.


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