esp US ampule

/ (ˈæmpuːl, -pjuːl) /

  1. med a small glass vessel in which liquids for injection are hermetically sealed

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How to use ampoule in a sentence

  • No information of composition was given on the box, except the line: Chaque ampoule contient: 0 gr.

  • He broke open a tiny ampoule, and as the drops of liquid touched it the stout fabric began to disappear.

    Triplanetary | Edward Elmer Smith
  • After cleaning a spot on her arm, he dug out a needle, and filled it from an ampoule.

    Feet Of Clay | Phillip Hoskins
  • There are only three ampoules of this and they also say, maximum dose one ampoule.

    The Lost Kafoozalum | Pauline Ashwell
  • They met together one night in the Duke of ampoule's country house, six miles eastward of Alca, to consider ways and means.

    Penguin Island | Anatole France