/ ˈæŋkəz /

plural noun

  1. slang.
    the brakes of a motor vehicle

    he rammed on the anchors

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Example Sentences

And beware the perky morning anchors with their inane questions (Aretha Franklin).

Costumes worn by each reinvented persona act—in all their extravagant glory—serve as the anchors for the exhibit.

No TV anchors, or media CEOs, or Silicon Valley operators, male or female.

ABC News today announced new roles for anchors Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos and David Muir.

Seven years earlier, when he made Anchors Aweigh with Gene Kelly, he received $150,000.

More boats and smacks arrive; the rattling of anchors and chain cables is heard in all directions.

The crews were somewhat slow in perceiving us, and had not time to raise their anchors before we came puffing up to them.

These proved to be the signals of distress from a ship and a barque, which were dragging their anchors.

The anchors are built up of steel plates and angle, bars, and are buried in a large mass of concrete.

The anchors were raised, sails were set, and off they went to safer quarters down the bay.





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