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[an-duh-muh-neez, -nees]
noun, plural An·da·man·ese.
  1. Also Andaman. Also called Andaman Islander. a member of a physically distinctive people that comprise the indigenous population of the Andaman Islands.
  2. the language of the Andamanese, of uncertain genetic affiliation.
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  1. Andaman(def 1).
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Origin of Andamanese

First recorded in 1860–65; Andaman + -ese
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Historical Examples of andamanese

  • Andamanese timber has also been supplied to Woolwich Arsenal.

    In the Andamans and Nicobars

    C. Boden Kloss

  • The number of children among the Andamanese is probably understated.

  • In physical features they in many respects resemble the Andamanese.

    Man, Past and Present

    Agustus Henry Keane

  • The Andamanese, about 1315 in number , are mostly in a state of nature, living almost naked in the rudest habitations.

  • "The improvement of our science" has freed us from misdeeds which are unknown to the Andamanese or the Australians.