[ an-druh-kleez ]

nounRoman Legend.
  1. a slave who was spared in the arena by a lion from whose foot he had long before extracted a thorn.

  • Also An·dro·clus [an-druh-kluhs]. /ˈæn drə kləs/.

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How to use Androcles in a sentence

  • Many hundred years ago, there lived in the north of Africa a poor Roman slave called Androcles.

  • Immovable with fear, Androcles stood rooted to the spot, waiting for the lion to spring on him and tear him limb from limb.

  • Making a low moan as if in great pain, it stood licking its huge paw, from which Androcles now saw that blood was flowing freely.

  • Then Androcles saw that a monster thorn had entered the paw, making a deep cut, and causing great pain and swelling.

  • So after hiding in many places, Androcles was at last compelled to flee into wild regions, where there were few inhabitants.

British Dictionary definitions for Androcles


Androclus (ˈændrəkləs)

/ (ˈændrəˌkliːz) /

  1. (in Roman legend) a slave whose life was spared in the arena by a lion from whose paw he had once extracted a thorn

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