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  1. a short sword having a double-edged blade tapering sharply to a point: worn by civilians from the 13th to the 16th centuries.
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Also anlace.

Origin of anelace

1250–1300; Middle English an(e)las < Old French ale(s)naz (by metathesis), derivative of alesne awl < Old High German alasna. See awl
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Historical Examples

  • The Anelace and Cinquedea are broad-bladed short weapons used for stabbing only.

    Armour &amp; Weapons

    Charles John Ffoulkes

  • A pouch or wallet depended from the belt, and a sheath containing two daggers, an anelace, and a misericorde.

    English Costume

    Dion Clayton Calthrop

  • The gown is girdled at the waist with a girdle from which hangs the anelace or baselard (fig. 34).

  • The old habit of going armed with anelace or baselard dies away in spite of troublous times.

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  1. a variant spelling of anlace
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