[ an-juh-loh ]


  1. a first name.

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Example Sentences

She explained that she hopes the songs will one day help clarify to Angelo her decisions for divorcing his father, emotional territory he’s still too young to grasp.

From Time

She told interviewers that 30 is dedicated to her son, 9-year-old Angelo, whose father is her ex-husband Simon Konecki.

From Time

Petito was seen crying as Laundrie behaved aggressively, storming in and out of the restaurant, and apparently lashing out at restaurant staff, Angelo told CNN.

Before the elder Angelo died in 2017, he expressed his frustration that the investigation had petered out.

But probably because we co-edited the Deadline Artists anthologies with our friend Jesse Angelo, we feel a fidelity to the form.

“That is a fact we are certainly going to be reminding Democrats about,” Angelo said.

How would I have known that Angelo Ferretti was going to be such an important person in my life?

I also reached out to a person who straddles the two communities, Gregory Angelo, executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans.

Angelo believes that only a small vocal portion of the right truly has issues with gays.

Michael Angelo Ricci, an Italian cardinal, died; celebrated as a mathematician.

That is Angelo Diotti, the famous violinist, she said, but she could not add another word.

And I am equally sure the string can be of no importance or Angelo would have told me of it, Mildred quickly rejoined.

Angelo, dear, she said in repentant  tone; I am sorry I pained you this afternoon; but I am jealous, so jealous of you.

Though you would not remove it at my wish this afternoon, Angelo; I know you will not refuse to play on it for me now.





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