[ ahng-gleyz, -glez ]
/ ɑŋˈgleɪz, -ˈglɛz /


an old English country-dance.
a dance form in quick duple time, occasionally constituting part of an 18th-century instrumental suite.

Origin of anglaise

< French, feminine of anglais English

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à l'anglaise
[ ah lahng-gleyz, -glez; French a lahn-glez ]
/ ˈɑ lɑŋˈgleɪz, -ˈglɛz; French a lɑ̃ˈglɛz /


(italics) French. in the English manner or style.
French Cookery. boiled in water or white stock: chicken à l'anglaise; vegetables à l'anglaise.

Origin of à l'anglaise

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