angle-closure glaucoma

[ ang-guhl-kloh-zher glaw-koh-muh, glou-koh-muh ]
/ 藞忙艐 g蓹l 藢klo蕣 蕭蓹r gl蓴藞ko蕣 m蓹, gla蕣藞ko蕣 m蓹 /
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noun Ophthalmology.
a type of glaucoma, abnormally high fluid pressure in the eye, usually caused by pressure of the iris against the lens, which traps the aqueous humor.
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Also called a路cute glau路co路ma, closed-an路gle glau路co路ma, nar路row-an路gle glau路co路ma .

Origin of angle-closure glaucoma

First recorded in 1950鈥55

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angle-closure glaucoma

Primary glaucoma in which increased pressure occurs because outflow of the aqueous humor is mechanically prevented by contact of the iris with the trabecular drainage meshwork and the peripheral cornea.narrow-angle glaucoma
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