[ ang-gluh-sahyz ]

verb (used with or without object),An·gli·cized, An·gli·ciz·ing.
  1. (sometimes lowercase) to make or become English in form or character: to Anglicize the pronunciation of a Russian name.

Origin of Anglicize

1700–10; <Medieval Latin Anglic(us) English + -ize
  • Also especially British, An·gli·cise .

Other words from Anglicize

  • An·gli·ci·za·tion, noun
  • de-An·gli·cize, verb (used with object), de-An·gli·cized, de-An·gli·ciz·ing.
  • half-An·gli·cized, adjective

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How to use Anglicize in a sentence

  • Jimmy was commissioned to Anglicize a proper proposal and André spent hours in repeating the verbiage as taught.

    David Lannarck, Midget | George S. Harney
  • They shun the Italian "quarter," mix with Americans, and Anglicize their names.

    The Old World in the New | Edward Alsworth Ross
  • It was because the word could only be translated by a circumlocution that I ventured to Anglicize it.

  • These were, indeed, tendencious, if I may Anglicize a very necessary word from the Spanish tendencioso.

    Dona Perfecta | B. Perez Galdos
  • Whether it is advisable to Anglicize the spelling of certain French words, like timbre, in order to promote their assimilation.

    Society for Pure English, Tract 3 (1920) | Society for Pure English

British Dictionary definitions for anglicize


anglicise anglify (ˈæŋɡlɪˌfaɪ)

/ (ˈæŋɡlɪˌsaɪz) /

verb-cizes, -cizing, -cized, -cises, -cising, -cised, -fies, -fying or -fied
  1. (sometimes capital) to make or become English in outlook, attitude, form, etc

Derived forms of anglicize

  • anglicization or anglicisation, noun

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