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  1. Cape Ann, a rocky, scenic peninsula in northeastern Massachusetts, extending into the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. a first name, form of Anna.



abbreviation for

  1. annals.
  2. annuity.
  3. years.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Ann1

From the Latin word annī

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Example Sentences

From Ann Coulter on Ebola to evangelicals on climate change, 2014 was full of award-worthy science denialism.

Unfortunately, the most confused Ebola alarmists had millions of followers: Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter.

Former Texas governor Ann Richards was a big fan of the Texas Rangers, a contingent of which was her protective detail.

On one summer lunch hour, Donna Ann Levonuk, 50, lifted a tub of diaper cream priced at $43.98—and then stashed it in her purse.

He took his diamond cutting practice to the United States in 1949 and settled in Houston with his wife, Ann.

Perry frowned fiercely on Lulu Ann Nummler, and the three fingers disappeared.

The boy's head was held high, indicative of his opinion of poor white trash and Crackers in general, and Mandy Ann in particular.

But not there where the old woman might hear and understand, and where he felt sure Mandy Ann was listening.

Very rapidly Mandy Ann told all she knew of the stranger, while the girl's face grew radiant as she listened.

Eudora was racing now through the briers, and weeds, and palmetto stumps, and dragging Mandy Ann with her.





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