[ uh-nof-uh-leez ]
/ əˈnɒf əˌliz /

noun, plural a·noph·e·les.

any mosquito of the genus Anopheles, certain species of which are vectors of the parasite causing malaria in humans, distinguished from other mosquitoes by the absence of breathing tubes in the larvae and by the head-downward stance of the adult while resting or feeding.

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Compare culex.

Origin of anopheles

1895–1900; < New Latin < Greek anōphelḗs useless, hurtful, harmful, equivalent to an- an-1 + -ōpheles- variant stem of óphelos profit; earlier (a)n- (with vowel lengthening) + opheles-, written in Mycenaean Greek as nopere

Related formsa·noph·e·line [uh-nof-uh-lahyn, -lin] /əˈnɒf əˌlaɪn, -lɪn/, adjective, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for anopheles


/ (əˈnɒfɪˌliːz) /

noun plural -les

any of various mosquitoes constituting the genus Anopheles, some species of which transmit the malaria parasite to man

Word Origin for anopheles

C19: via New Latin from Greek anōphelēs useless, from an- + ōphelein to help, from ophelos help

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Word Origin and History for anopheles



genus of mosquitoes, Modern Latin, coined 1818 by German entomologist Johann Wilhelm Meigen (1764-1845) from Greek anopheles "useless, hurtful, harmful," from an-, privative prefix, (see an- (1)) + ophelos "use, help, advantage" (see Ophelia). So called because it conveys malaria.

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Medicine definitions for anopheles


[ ə-nŏfə-lēz′ ]


A genus of mosquitoes containing over 90 species, many of which are vectors of malaria.
Related formsa•noph•e•line (-līn′) adj.

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