[ uh-nuhth-er ]
/ əˈnʌð ər /


being one more or more of the same; further; additional: another piece of cake.
different; distinct; of a different period, place, or kind: at another time; another man.
very similar to; of the same kind or category as: What we need today is another Thomas Jefferson.


Origin of another

Middle English word dating back to 1175–1225; see origin at an1, other Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for another

/ (əˈnʌðə) /


  1. one more; an addedanother chance
  2. (as pronoun)help yourself to another
  1. a different; alternativeanother era from ours
  2. (as pronoun)to try one path, then another
  1. a different example of the same sortanother Beethoven
  2. (as pronoun)we got rid of one loafer, but I think this new man's another
another place the other House of Parliament (used in the House of Commons to refer to the House of Lords and vice versa)

Word Origin for another

C14: originally an other
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Idioms and Phrases with another


In addition to the idiom beginning with another

  • another county heard from

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  • dance to another tune
  • have another guess coming
  • horse of a different (another) color
  • one good turn deserves another
  • one man's meat is another man's poison
  • one way or another
  • sing a different (another) tune
  • tomorrow is another day
  • wear another hat
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