[ an-suh ]
/ ˈæn sə /
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noun, plural an·sae [an-see]. /ˈæn si/.

Archaeology. a looped handle, especially of a vase.
Astronomy. either of the apparent extremities of the rings of Saturn or of other planets, especially when viewed from the earth or from spacecraft under certain conditions, when they look like two handles.



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Origin of ansa

First recorded in 1400–50 (in the anatomical sense “zygomatic arch”); 1660–70 for def. 2; Middle English, from Latin ānsa “handle (of a cup or jar), handle (of a door), loop, clamp”
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Medical definitions for ansa

[ ănsə ]

n. pl. an•sae (-sē)

An anatomical structure shaped like a loop or an arc.
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