[ an-ther ]
/ ˈæn θər /

noun Botany.

the pollen-bearing part of a stamen.

Origin of anther

1545–55; < New Latin anthēra < Latin < Greek, feminine of anthērós flowery; see anthesis


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British Dictionary definitions for anther

/ (ˈænθə) /


the terminal part of a stamen consisting usually of two lobes each containing two sacs in which the pollen matures

Derived forms of anther

antheral, adjective

Word Origin for anther

C18: from New Latin anthēra, from Latin: a remedy prepared from flowers, from Greek, from anthēros flowery, from anthos flower
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Science definitions for anther

[ ănthər ]

The pollen-bearing part at the upper end of the stamen of a flower. Most anthers occur at the tip of a slender, stemlike filament and have two lobes. Each lobe contains two pollen sacs. When pollen matures in the pollen sacs, the lobes of the anthers burst open in the process known as dehiscence to release the pollen. See more at flower.
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