1. a person who is opposed to Communism

    a staunch anti-Communist


  1. opposed to Communism

    a big anti-Communist demonstration

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Example Sentences

Anyone considered insufficiently anti-Communist was deemed a “comsymp”—short for Communist sympathizer.

They were, in those days when things like this really mattered, deeply liberal and deeply anti-communist.

But we should remember her also as a smart and sharp liberal and anti-communist.

MARTA: With sacks of money and the anti-Communist tactics of your Senator Jzo-ay McCarthy.

During the Cold War, there existed a no more reliably anti-communist constituency than that of religious social conservatives.

From what we heard of him he never expressed himself for being anti-Communist.

He is really a ferocious anti-Communist, so you would be very happy to hear about that.

He joined anti-Communist groups, was finally caught by the Communists, and sentenced to death in a town called Smolensk.

Yes; very strongly anti-Communist——exceedingly strongly anti-Communist, almost fanatically so.

But I don't know what kind of a paper that is—whether it is Communist, anti-Communist.


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