or an·ti·ro·man·tic

[ an-tee-roh-man-tik, an-tahy- ]

  1. not involving love or romance:One way to ignore Valentine's Day is to do something on the anti-romantic end of the spectrum and watch some horror movies with other single friends.

  2. characterized by or portraying a view of love and relationships that is practical rather than idealized, and often transactional or circumstantial:The anti-romantic comedy-drama espouses a frank and scathing view of sexual relations.

  1. realistic; pragmatic; practical: It is still possible, even in an age so ferociously anti-romantic as our own, to write fantastic stories for adults.His anti-romantic poetry is a reaction to the real and immediate experience of war, depicted in all its scarring reality.

  2. Sometimes anti-Romantic . in a style that is unlike or in opposition to the romantic style in music, art, literature, etc.: The composer’s works incorporate experimentalism in a way that is decidedly anti-romantic.

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  • an·ti-ro·man·ti·cal·ly, an·ti·ro·man·ti·cal·ly, adverb

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