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/ ˈæntɪks /

plural noun

  1. absurd or grotesque acts or postures
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Example Sentences

They even released a (pretty damn weak) hip-hop song on SoundCloud recounting their antics.

His new memoir examines Joplin, demons, riotous—and romantic—antics, and all.

Manning's antics have earned him inches in print and occasional spots on television.

He is known for his edgy, often nude photos of girls out on the town and for documenting his late night antics.

His comical antics come to an end once the guard retreats to his box after giving his fellow guardsman a thumbs-up.

Then there was the freckled-faced small boy in number three whose antics kept his mother in a continual state of "nerves."

I have seen a child doing the same antics long before in a dance, so that it is plainly an accepted solemnity.

A wave of stillness blanketed the audience that had come to see—and maybe laugh at—the antics of a midget.

In a few moments the entire company joined in the wild antics of the war dance.

Old Mr. Ford declared he had not laughed so much in twenty years as he did at the antics of the boys and the beetle.


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