[ an-toh-nee-uh, -tohn-yuh ]


  1. a female given name: derived from Antonius.

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Example Sentences

By Antonia Marrero and Adam Grannick for the Moral Courage Project How much does your job matter to you?

By Irshad Manji and Antonia Marrero for the Moral Courage Project In the big city, finding love is hard enough.

By Antonia Marrero and Adam Grannick for the Moral Courage Project The choice to expose a pedophile is a no-brainer, right?

He had just returned from Iraq and his wife Carol and daughter Antonia were away.

In 2005 Mother Antonia was the subject of a book, The Prison Angel, by Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan.

Antonia Cibbini, ne Koeluch, was among those who attended the performance of the Quartet.

You know well enough I'd gladly give one of my ears for an invitation to Donna Antonia's.

When she and il Maestro came out of Donna Antonia's door, she saw his tall figure at the end of the street.

Donna Antonia called me back to say that Signor Ambrogi would be glad to see more of you.

Of course she had known that Mr. Livingstone would be enchanted at the invitation from Donna Antonia.





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