1. A tribe of Native Americans who live in the southwestern United States. Geronimo was an Apache.

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Example Sentences

But the Apaches are short range and need maintenance troops to deploy with them into a location within Iraq itself.

One pilot friend in Zwara pointed out that just “two Apaches,” attack helicopters, would intimidate the militias into a ceasefire.

Earlier this year, army Apaches shot up several convoys that refused to stop while navigating mountainous dunes near the border.

Apaches used what was once a marshy ciénaga as a water hole for centuries.

Not long after the Spanish conquistadores explored the region for gold, they began snatching Apaches and other natives as slaves.

The similitude is a calumny on the descendants of Ishmael; the fiercest Bedouin are refined and mild compared with the Apaches.

The Indians, and especially the Apaches, have a frenzied passion for strong liquors; the Comanches alone are teetotallers.

The Venta del Potrero was blown into the air, burying beneath its ruins the Apaches who had invaded it.

There were some dangers to be guarded against, as for instance Apaches, and the chance of getting lost in reality.

His shots had told, and two Apaches fell with their chests pierced through and through.


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