[ ap-er-cher ]
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  1. an opening, as a hole, slit, crack, gap, etc.

  2. Also called aperture stop .Optics. an opening, usually circular, that limits the quantity of light that can enter an optical instrument.

Origin of aperture

1400–50; late Middle English <Latin apertūra an opening, equivalent to apert(us) opened (past participle of aperīre; aper(i)- (see aperient) + -tus past participle suffix) + -ūra-ure

Other words from aperture

  • ap·er·tur·al [ap-er-choor-uhl], /ˈæp ərˌtʃʊər əl/, adjective
  • ap·er·tured, adjective

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/ (ˈæpətʃə) /

  1. a hole, gap, crack, slit, or other opening

  2. physics

    • a usually circular and often variable opening in an optical instrument or device that controls the quantity of radiation entering or leaving it

    • the diameter of such an opening: See also relative aperture

Origin of aperture

C15: from Late Latin apertūra opening, from Latin aperīre to open

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