[ ey-fid, af-id ]
/ ˈeɪ fɪd, ˈæf ɪd /


any of numerous tiny soft-bodied insects of the family Aphididae of worldwide distribution, that suck the sap from the stems and leaves of various plants, some developing wings when overcrowding occurs: an important pest of many fruit trees and vegetable crops.

Origin of aphid

1880–85; back formation from aphides, plural of aphis
Also called plant louse.

Related forms

a·phid·i·an [uh-fid-ee-uh n] /əˈfɪd i ən/, adjective, nouna·phid·i·ous, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for aphid


/ (ˈeɪfɪd) /


any of the small homopterous insects of the family Aphididae, which feed by sucking the juices from plantsAlso called: plant louse See also greenfly, blackfly

Derived Forms

aphidian (əˈfɪdɪən), adjective, nounaphidious, adjective

Word Origin for aphid

C19: back formation from aphides, plural of aphis
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