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[ af-uh-ris-tik ]


  1. of, like, or containing aphorisms:

    His sermons were richly aphoristic.

  2. given to making or quoting aphorisms.

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Other Words From

  • apho·risti·cal·ly adverb
  • nonaph·o·ristic adjective
  • nonaph·o·risti·cal·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of aphoristic1

From the Greek word aphoristikós, dating back to 1745–55. See aphorist, -ic
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Example Sentences

Its modes of thought were very aphoristic and very mythos-based, because those are the things that you could recall from memory.

From Vox

Perhaps her genius is best appreciated in her sly, aphoristic brevity.

His comments are aphoristic or oracular, but often infused with wit.

It contains in an aphoristic form the main doctrines of the longer work.

No, do not be brilliant and aphoristic, Manuel, for I want you to help me more practically in this matter.

Never lengthy, always aphoristic, he says more in five minutes than all the "wax-works" on the dais drone or spout in hours.

Such dissimilar matters, coming from all quarters, were melted down into this vast body of aphoristic knowledge.

Short aphoristic chapters will therefore best answer the purpose.