[ uh-pol-oh ]
/ əˈpɒl oʊ /

noun, plural A·pol·los for 2, 3.

the ancient Greek and Roman god of light, healing, music, poetry, prophecy, and manly beauty; the son of Leto and brother of Artemis.
a very handsome young man.
Aerospace. one of a series of U.S. spacecraft designed to carry astronauts to the moon and back.



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British Dictionary definitions for Apollo (1 of 4)

/ (əˈpɒləʊ) /

noun plural -los

a strikingly handsome youth

British Dictionary definitions for Apollo (2 of 4)

/ (əˈpɒləʊ) /

noun plural -los

a handsome Eurasian mountain butterfly, Parnassius apollo, with palish wings and prominent red ocelli

British Dictionary definitions for Apollo (3 of 4)

/ (əˈpɒləʊ) /


classical myth the god of light, poetry, music, healing, and prophecy: son of Zeus and Leto

British Dictionary definitions for Apollo (4 of 4)

/ (əˈpɒləʊ) /


any of a series of manned US spacecraft designed to explore the moon and surrounding space. Apollo 11 made the first moon landing in July 1969
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Cultural definitions for Apollo


The Greek and Roman god of poetry, prophecy, medicine, and light. Apollo represents all aspects of civilization and order. He was worshiped at the Delphic oracle, where a priestess gave forth his predictions. Zeus was his father, and Artemis was his sister. He is sometimes identified with Hyperion, the Titan he succeeded.

notes for Apollo

As a representative of controlled and ordered nature, Apollo is often contrasted with Dionysus, the god who represents wild, creative energies.

notes for Apollo

The sun was sometimes described as Apollo's chariot, riding across the sky.
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