[ ap-uh-ley-chee-uhn, -chuhn, -lach-ee-uhn, lach-uhn ]
/ ˌæp əˈleɪ tʃi ən, -tʃən, -ˈlætʃ i ən, ˈlætʃ ən /
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of or relating to the Appalachian Mountains.
of or relating to the region of Appalachia, its inhabitants, or their culture.
Geology. of or relating to the orogeny and accompanying intrusion that occurred in eastern North America during the Pennsylvanian and Permian periods.


a native or inhabitant of Appalachia, especially one of predominantly Scotch-Irish, English, or German ancestry who exemplifies the characteristic cultural traditions of this region.



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Origin of Appalachian

First recorded in 1670–80; from Spanish Apalchen, Apalachen, perhaps from Apalachee (an extinct Muskogean language) abalahci “other side of the river” or from Hitchiti (an extinct Muskogean language) apalwahči “dwelling on one side”; the Spanish transcription of the name of a Muskogean village near Tallahassee in the Florida panhandle, recorded on the expedition led by Pánfilo de Narváez (1478?–1528), later altered by the Spanish to Apalachee and applied to the Indian tribe, the surrounding area and the hinterland north to the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains
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British Dictionary definitions for Appalachian

/ (ˌæpəˈleɪtʃɪən) /


of, from, or relating to the Appalachian Mountains
geology of or relating to an episode of mountain building in the late Palaeozoic era during which the Appalachian Mountains were formed
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