[ap-uh-ley-chee-uh n, -chuh n, -lach-ee-uh n, lach-uh n]


of or relating to the Appalachian Mountains.
of or relating to the region of Appalachia, its inhabitants, or their culture.
Geology. of or relating to the orogeny and accompanying intrusion that occurred in eastern North America during the Pennsylvanian and Permian periods.


a native or inhabitant of Appalachia, especially one of predominantly Scotch-Irish, English, or German ancestry who exemplifies the characteristic cultural traditions of this region.

Appalachian Mountains

plural noun

a mountain range in E North America, extending from S Quebec province to N Alabama. Highest peak, Mt. Mitchell, 6684 feet (2037 meters).
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  • The largest and best is the Appalachian, of which the best known is the Pennsylvania field.

    Checking the Waste

    Mary Huston Gregory

  • In the United States the largest horizon is that of the Appalachian region.

    Commercial Geography

    Jacques W. Redway

  • The Appalachian ranges have been affected most by the reckless cutting of forests.

    Our National Forests

    Richard H. Douai Boerker

  • It is not abundant, if found at all, east of the Appalachian mountains.

    American Forest Trees

    Henry H. Gibson

  • The range follows the Appalachian mountains from West Virginia southward.

    American Forest Trees

    Henry H. Gibson

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of, from, or relating to the Appalachian Mountains
geology of or relating to an episode of mountain building in the late Palaeozoic era during which the Appalachian Mountains were formed

Appalachian Mountains


pl n

a mountain system of E North America, extending from Quebec province in Canada to central Alabama in the US: contains rich deposits of anthracite, bitumen, and iron ore. Highest peak: Mount Mitchell, 2038 m (6684 ft)
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in reference to the North American mountain range, c.1600, Mountaynes Apalatsi; written apalachen by Spanish explorers and originally in reference only to the southern end of the range. Originally the name of the Apalachee, a Muskogean people of northwestern Florida, perhaps from Apalachee abalahci "other side of the river" or Hitchiti (Muskogean) apalwahči "dwelling on one side." Spelling shifted under influence of adjectives in -ian.

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appalachian in Culture

Appalachian Mountains

[(ap-uh-lay-chuhn, ap-uh-lach-uhn)]

Mountain chain in the eastern United States, extending from the valley of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada, to the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama.


Location of the Appalachian Trail, the world's longest continuous hiking path. It extends over two thousand miles from Maine to Georgia.


Historically, the Appalachian Mountains were a barrier to early western expansion. In the early 1840s, railroads began to transport settlers across the mountains, permitting access to the frontier.
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