/ (ˈæpən) /

adverb, sentence substitute
  1. Northern English dialect See happen (def. 5)

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How to use 'appen in a sentence

  • "Somethin' wery strange be goin' to 'appen," he said to himself.

    Sue, A Little Heroine | L. T. Meade
  • Good night—good afternoon, m'appen I should say—but th' light is dim an' misty to-day.'

    North and South | Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
  • William, we can none of us foretell the future; and it may so 'appen that you are looking on my face for the last time.

    The Tinted Venus | F. Anstey
  • If you go in, you can't do nothin', and somethin' bad 'll 'appen.

    Grif | B. L. (Benjamin Leopold) Farjeon
  • Does there 'appen to be any place where I can get a rinse, 'Indenberg?

    Mrs. Bindle | Hebert Jenkins