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[ uh-poin-tid ]


  1. by, through, or as a result of an appointment (often in contrast with elected ):

    an appointed official.

  2. predetermined; arranged; set:

    They met at the appointed time in the appointed place.

  3. provided with what is necessary; equipped; furnished:

    a beautifully appointed office.

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Other Words From

  • quasi-ap·pointed adjective
  • unap·pointed adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of appointed1

First recorded in 1525–35; appoint + -ed 2
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Synonym Study

See furnish.
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Example Sentences

Qasem Suleimani was appointed as commander of the force in 1997.

The Stollen was paraded through the city of Dresden, and later an appointed “Stollen girl” cut the cake.

News reports in the region recently named him as the Islamic State-appointed governor or wali of Khorasan.

The U.S. will reopen an embassy in Havana, meaning an ambassador will be appointed.

His court-appointed lawyer was drinking a quart of liquor per day.

He graduated at Yale college, and at the commencement of hostilities was appointed to the chief command of the Connecticut troops.

He was two years governor of New York, and was appointed commander in chief of the western squadron, 1779.

Although it was the second Thursday in the month she turned to the portion appointed for the first Wednesday.

My self-appointed host, whose name was Goodell, waved me to a chair, and took one opposite.

In the case of the Midland—they appointed a committee of inquiry, and the directors assented to the appointment.


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