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[ uh-proh-pree-it-lee ]


  1. in a way that is suitable or fitting:

    When working outside, make sure the students are dressed appropriately for the weather.

    The museum should be leading the way paying its own employees appropriately.

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  • qua·si-ap·pro·pri·ate·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

“Any new standard should safeguard fundamental rights by ensuring an appropriate balance between speed and accuracy of removal,” Google adds.

So we wanted to make Swipe Night available to our members in Asia, and around the world, as soon as we felt it would be appropriate.

Unlike previous reports, this one does not dwell on ethical debates, but instead tackles the practical question of a “responsible translational pathway”—that is, what the technology’s appropriate use in medicine might be.

This is going to sound really offensive and probably not appropriate to say, but I’m going to say it.

From Ozy

Only about one-third of Americans approved and thought that kneeling during the anthem was an appropriate form of protest.

Should capability delivery experience additional changes, this estimate will be revised appropriately.

Indeed, as an almost purely advisory firm, Lazard is (appropriately) barely affected by the Dodd-Frank reforms.

When POTUS asked Malia if she wanted to pet the turkey before he granted its reprieve, she responded appropriately: “Nah.”

But even if the promised money does finally arrive, there is scant guarantee it will be used appropriately.

In the best cases, they model and teach how to adjust and adapt appropriately.

An English writer could very appropriately call this a cloud of smoke as he has another scene herein described.

The following lines from the same source have been very appropriately called "The Smoker's Calendar."

"You see the mote in your brother's eye, but not the beam in your own," said Nicolai Egeland, appropriately.

A man bearing the honoured name of Allsopp should be appropriately equal to the XX's.

The wicked man's epitaph, as a rule, may be generally appropriately written in the pithy words "He was, and is not."