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apron strings

plural noun

  1. the strings on an apron, used for securing it around one's person.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of apron strings1

First recorded in 1535–45

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. tie to someone's apron strings, to make or be dependent on or dominated by someone:

    He has never married because he's tied to his mother's apron strings.

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see tied to someone's apron strings .

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Example Sentences

It was living in a state of most reprehensible respectability, and Art was tied to the apron-strings of Morality.

When they broke through the ring of witch burners and snatched Marm Perry off the pyre, her apron strings had burned in two.

He watched the handsome crouching of her back, and the apron-strings curling on the floor.

The wires in America scorn the railway apron-strings in which they are led about in this country.

My dear Mrs. Alexander, you cant expect a fellow to be always tied to his wifes apron-strings!


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