[ ak-wuh-rel, ah-kwuh-; French a-kwa-rel ]

noun,plural aq·ua·relles [ak-wuh-relz; French a-kwa-rel]. /ˌæk wəˈrɛlz; French a kwaˈrɛl/.
  1. a watercolor.

  2. Printing. a printed picture that has been colored manually by applying watercolor through stencils, each color requiring a different stencil.

Origin of aquarelle

1865–70; <French <Italian acquarella (now obsolete) watercolor, equivalent to Latin aquār(ius) of water (see aquarium) + Italian -ella-elle

Other words from aquarelle

  • aq·ua·rel·list, noun

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How to use aquarelle in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for aquarelle


/ (ˌækwəˈrɛl) /

  1. a method of watercolour painting in transparent washes

  2. a painting done in this way

Origin of aquarelle

C19: from French

Derived forms of aquarelle

  • aquarellist, noun

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