[ uh-rak-noid ]

  1. resembling a spider's web.

  2. of or belonging to the arachnids.

  1. Anatomy. of or relating to the arachnoid membrane.

  2. Botany. formed of or covered with long, delicate hairs or fibers.

  1. an arachnid.

  2. Anatomy. the serous membrane forming the middle of the three coverings of the brain and spinal cord.

Origin of arachnoid

1745–55; <New Latin arachnoīdes<Greek arachnoeidḗs cobweblike. See arachnid, -oid

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How to use arachnoid in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for arachnoid


/ (əˈræknɔɪd) /

  1. the middle of the three membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord: See meninges

  2. another name for arachnid

  1. of or relating to the middle of the three meninges

  2. botany consisting of or covered with soft fine hairs or fibres

  1. of or relating to the arachnids

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Scientific definitions for arachnoid


[ ə-răknoid′ ]

  1. The delicate membrane that encloses the spinal cord and brain and lies between the pia mater and dura mater.

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