[ uh-ree-uh-stahyl ]

  1. having an intercolumniation of four diameters.

Origin of araeostyle

1555–65; from Latin araeostȳlus, from Greek araióstȳlos “with few columns,” equivalent to araió(s) “thin, few” + -stylos -style2
  • Also a·re·o·style [uh-ree-uh-stahyl, ar-ee-oh‐] /əˈri əˌstaɪl, ˈær i oʊ‐/ .

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How to use araeostyle in a sentence

  • In araeostyle temples one is free to arrange them as far apart as one likes.

  • In araeostyle temples, the columns should be constructed so that their thickness is one eighth part of their height.