or Ar·a·mae·an

[ ar-uh-mee-uhn ]

  1. a Semite of the division associated with Aram.

Origin of Aramean

1825–35; <Latin Aramae(us) (<Greek aramaîos of Aram) + -an

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How to use Aramean in a sentence

  • In course of time, Arabic replaced the Aramean dialect, and became the lingua franca of the Jews.

  • The qar'na (horn, κέρας) and sab'ka (σαμβύκη) are in root both Greek and Aramean.

  • Other colonists were brought from Hamath, the capital of the conquered northern Aramean kingdom.

    Biblical Geography and History | Charles Foster Kent
  • Damascus, attacked in the rear by a northern Aramean people, was unable to cope with the Israelite armies.

    Biblical Geography and History | Charles Foster Kent
  • Many of these peculiar words are Aramean; that is, they are words current in the Aramean branch of the Shemitic languages.

    Companion to the Bible | E. P. Barrows