Arc de Triomphe

[ ark duh tree-awnf ]
/ ark də triˈɔ̃f /
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an arch, located in Paris, begun in 1806 by Napoleon in honor of his victorious armies and completed in 1836. The unknown soldier of France and the eternal flame were placed beneath the arch after World War I.
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Also Arc de Tri·omphe de l'É·toile [ark duh tree-awnf duh ley-twal] /ark də triˈɔ̃f də leɪˈtwal/ .
English Arch of Triumph .

Origin of Arc de Triomphe

From French: “arch of triumph”

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Arc de Triomphe
/ (ˈɑːk də ˈtriːəʊmf, French ark də trijɔ̃f) /

the triumphal arch in Paris begun by Napoleon I to commemorate his victories of 1805–6 and completed in 1836
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