[ ahr-key-nuhm ]

noun,plural ar·ca·na [ahr-key-nuh]. /ɑrˈkeɪ nə/.
  1. Often arcana . secret or arcane knowledge, acquired or understood by only a few: If you enjoy the arcana of early baseball, this book is for you.

  2. a supposed great secret of nature that the alchemists sought to discover.

  1. a secret and powerful remedy; elixir.

Origin of arcanum

First recorded in 1590–1600; from Latin, neuter (used as noun) of arcānus arcane

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/ (ɑːˈkeɪnəm) /

nounplural -na (-nə)
  1. (sometimes plural) a profound secret or mystery known only to initiates

  2. a secret of nature sought by alchemists

Origin of arcanum

C16: from Latin; see arcane

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