[ ahr-ki-dahy-ak-uh-nl ]

  1. of or relating to an archdeacon or to the office of an archdeacon.

Origin of archidiaconal

1645–55; <Late Latin archidiācon(us) archdeacon + -al1

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How to use archidiaconal in a sentence

  • As I had read a little while before the new archidiaconal theory of obedience, that of course prevented my going out.

  • But we all know how indefinite, how inconclusive, how meagre in practical results archidiaconal conferences are apt to be!

    Prisoners | Mary Cholmondeley
  • It merely takes us round in a circle, telling us that poetry is poetical, that the archdeacon performs archidiaconal functions.

    Matthew Arnold | George Saintsbury
  • Hilda turned upon her a face which appeared still to glow with the stimulus of the archidiaconal function.

    The Path of a Star | Mrs. Everard Cotes (AKA Sara Jeannette Duncan)
  • Such a proposition as “an archdeacon is one who performs archidiaconal functions” is not a definition.

British Dictionary definitions for archidiaconal


/ (ˌɑːkɪdaɪˈækənəl) /

  1. of or relating to an archdeacon or his office

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