[ ahr-kee-uh-pis-kuh-pit, -peyt ]
/ ˌɑr ki əˈpɪs kə pɪt, -ˌpeɪt /
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the tenure of office of an archbishop.
the jurisdiction of an archbishop.



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  • Leonidas, successor to Pimen in the archiepiscopate of Novgorod, was sewn up in a bear-skin and worried to death by hounds.

  • That of Utrecht was within the archiepiscopate of Cologne; the other three were within that of Rheims.

  • And so it remained until Roger de Pont l'Evque succeeded to the archiepiscopate in 1154.

    York Minster|Arthur Perceval Purey-Cust
  • The north-western tower was added probably during the archiepiscopate, if not by the munificence, of Archbishop George Nevill.

    York Minster|Arthur Perceval Purey-Cust

British Dictionary definitions for archiepiscopate


archiepiscopacy (ˌɑːkɪɪˈpɪskəpəsɪ)

/ (ˌɑːkɪɪˈpɪskəpɪt, -ˌpeɪt) /


the rank, office, or term of office of an archbishop
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