[ ahr-kuh-mee-dee-uhn, -mi-dee-uhn ]


  1. of, relating to, or discovered by Archimedes.
  2. Mathematics. of or relating to any ordered field, as the field of real numbers, having the property that for any two unequal positive elements there is an integral multiple of the smaller which is greater than the larger.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Archimedean1

First recorded in 1805–15; Archimede(s) + -an

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Example Sentences

The former is styled the Archimedean, the latter the Phantom Minnow, which collapses when struck by a fish.

For the uplift of his flagging, flaccid will he seemed likely to require either the Archimedean lever or the Archimedean screw.

Archimedean Screw, a machine for raising water, said to have been invented by Archimedes.

This consists of a car or basket in the centre; at one end the rudder, and at the other the Archimedean Screw.

He had found what he had so long sighed for in vain,—his point d'appui, wherein to fix the Archimedean screw.


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