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  1. a unit of capacity used for dry measure in Egypt and neighboring countries, officially equivalent in Egypt to 5.62 U.S. bushels, but varying greatly in different localities.
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Origin of ardeb

1860–65; < dialectal Arabic ardabbAramaic 'rdb, perhaps < Old Persian; compare Egyptian Demotic 'rtb, late Akkadian ardabu, Elamite irtiba, Syriac 'arṭba, Greek artábē, Arabic 'irdabbAramaic
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Historical Examples of ardeb

  • The monthly pay of the mulazemin consists of half a Dervish dollar, and, every fortnight, one-eighth of an ardeb of dhurra.

    Fire and Sword in the Sudan

    Rudolf C. Slatin

  • The commonest food, known as "dokhn" (a kind of millet) rose to 150 dollars, and eventually to 500 dollars the ardeb.

  • In Dongola and Berber the price of dhurra rose to one hundred dollars an ardeb.

  • Every horse-owner is entitled to half an ardeb of dhurra from the beit el mal.

  • It was fortunate that the Negus had posted on his left wing the troops that had learnt our mode of fighting at Ardeb.


    Theodor Hertzka

British Dictionary definitions for ardeb


  1. a unit of dry measure used in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. In Egypt it is approximately equal to 0.195 cubic metres
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Word Origin for ardeb

C19: from Arabic ardabb, from Greek artabē a Persian measure
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