[ ahr-jahyv, -gahyv ]

  1. of or relating to Argos.

  1. a native of Argos.

  2. a Greek.

Origin of Argive

1590–1600; <Latin Argīvus<Greek Argeîos of Argos

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How to use Argive in a sentence

  • Westphal indeed asserts that both these forms are found in the Argive alphabet.

    The Modes of Ancient Greek Music | David Binning Monro
  • Probably therefore the inventor drew upon more than one alphabet for his purpose, the Argive alphabet being one.

    The Modes of Ancient Greek Music | David Binning Monro
  • Neither of these can therefore be the Argive sculptor who made the statue and put his name on the pedestal.

    Troy and its Remains | Henry (Heinrich) Schliemann
  • He now gave up this method of attack, and openly invaded the Argive country with an army and laid it waste.

  • Tell us also why you are made so unhappy on hearing about the return of the Argive Danaans from Troy.

    The Odyssey | Homer

British Dictionary definitions for Argive


/ (ˈɑːdʒaɪv, -ɡaɪv) /

  1. (in Homer, Virgil, etc) of or relating to the Greeks besieging Troy, esp those from Argos

  2. of or relating to Argos or Argolis

  1. a literary word for Greek

  1. an ancient Greek, esp one from Argos or Argolis

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