Argonne Forest

[ ahr-gon, ahr-gon; French ar-gawn ]

  1. a wooded region in NE France: battles, World War I, 1918; World War II, 1944.

  • Also called Ar·gonne [ar-gawn]. /arˈgɔn/.

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How to use Argonne Forest in a sentence

  • And with the wiping out of this there began the final battle—the cleaning of the Argonne Forest which brought an end to the war.

  • Just how or why the two battalions became lost and surrounded in the Argonne Forest probably no one will ever know.

  • To the north east was the ridge covered by the Argonne Forest; a sealed area to the man in the air.

    The Sequel | George A. Taylor
  • To the rear of the line from the Meuse to the Argonne Forest there are literally only two roads of approach.

  • Your son was brought to our hospital one night badly gassed from the fighting in the Argonne Forest.

    Half Portions | Edna Ferber