argus pheasant

  1. either of two pheasants, Argusianus argus (great argus) or Rheinardia ocellata (crested argus), occurring in SE Asia and Indonesia. The males have very long tails marked with eyelike spots

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How to use argus pheasant in a sentence

  • To allude to a very trifling point, it is capital about the unadorned head of the Argus-pheasant.

  • "The argus pheasant is too shy a bird to come within gunshot, your excellency," he replied somberly.

    The Argus Pheasant | John Charles Beecham
  • What shall we say to the argus pheasant, the bird of Malacca with the magnificent pinions?

  • "Chambers calls it simply the argus, but the more common name is the argus-pheasant," replied Louis.

    Four Young Explorers | Oliver Optic
  • When the argus-pheasant is at rest or unexcited, his plumage is neither so bright nor beautiful.

    The Plant Hunters | Mayne Reid